This is the place where an agro-touristic complex was expected to be established that would have given employment to more than thirty Sao Tomeans..!

But unfortunately, a French Citizen, whose name is Jean-Pierre Poillong, discovered the picturesque potential of this lovely beach and decided, purely and simply, to begin building a house for himself, on the edge of this beach, on the land stripe that is under jurisdiction of the Port Authority, but that is a natural extension of the Roça (Plantation) Nova Olinda II. With this unauthorized construction on the land that does not belong to him, this foreign citizen, now a nationalized Sao Tomean, managed to block what our legal and official project could develop.

The subscriber of this text, acting as partner-manager of the only legal concessionaire of the land stripe between the Roça and the sea, hereby informs that: The above-mentioned concessionaire has had, already, a favourable preliminary decision issued from a national court. Despite justice being on the side of our company, the illegal occupation of the place continues, nothing has changed and it is not possible for us either to build or even to plan. While proceeding with our agricultural activity, , we are still waiting for the definitive decision of the Court, which has been delayed, causing obvious harm to everybody.

This fact is sad also because of other reasons: it demonstrates that a foreign citizen, who disregards the Laws of the Country, goes unpunished. What is more painful for the economy of the country is the fact that situations like this frighten other foreign investors away! I am a Swiss and I love São Tomé. Hoping for a fast and just decision, for more than one year, I have been avoiding to make this experience of ours public, simply being afraid of the serious repercussions that the incident may bring to São Tomé and the country's capacity of attracting foreign investment. I want São Tomé open for SERIOUS PEOPLE who would come, for the good of all the Sao Tomeans, to invest, creating tenable wealth as well as jobs for the unemployed and a bright future for the Country. I am sure that I speak on behalf of all when I say that we do not need opportunists focussing on making only a personal profit of the country, which has so many lacks!


Reto Scherraus
Sócio-Gerente da Sociedade Agrícola Dois Irmãos Ldª
(Concessionários da Média Empresa Nova Olinda II)


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